About the keys

Part. 2:

A: Will you tell me the stories behind those other keys?

B: What for?

A: I just wondered how they all ended up here

B: Pick one

B: Those belonged to a young couple a few years ago.

    They were naive enough to believe

    that they were gonna spend the rest of their lives together

A: Well, what happened?

B: Life happened

    Things happened. Yeah, time happened

    It's pretty much always the case more or less

    Or maybe one of them ran off with someone else

    Maybe the feelings just went away

A: What about these?

B: Those belonged to a little old lady

     Her best friend would pick them up and come to visit her

     She dropped them off and I never saw her again

     I presumed, I mean, she was pretty old

     I presumed she passed away or something

A: What about these?

B: These keys used to belong to a young lad

     from Manchester England

     who made plans and had dreams

     of running every marathon in this country

     starting in New York

     He was going to write a journal about his experiences

     and ended up running a cafe.

     Later they were given to a Russian girl

     who loved collecting keys

     and watching sunsets

     Unfortunately, she loved sunsets more than the keys

     and ended up disappearing into one

A: Why didn't you go looking for her?

B: When I was little

    my mum used to take me to the park on weekends

    She said if I ever got lost

    I had to stay in one place so that she'd find me

A: Does that work?

B: Not really

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